Pure Kush Strain


Feelings: Relaxed 61%, Sleepy 54%, Happy 53%, Euphoric 47%, Hungry 34%

Helps with: Insomnia 46%, Stress 46%, Pain 43%, Anxiety 33%, Nausea 19%

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Pure Kush Marijuana Strain

Pure Kush is a knockout indica best saved for rainy days and late nights. As its name suggests, Pure Kush is a distinct phenotype of infamous indica OG Kush. It was selectively bred by Green House Seeds, the creators of Super Lemon Haze. Pure Kush’s sedative force is sure to impress cannabis veterans and newcomers alike. Its THC content has been measured at between 13% and 24%. buy marijuana online usa

Pure Kush’s flowers tend to be on the smaller side, clinging together in tapered, conical shapes like mini pinecones. These nuggets have a dense, indica-typical structure, with their leaves coiled tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves tend to be a dark shade of olive green and are twisted through with curly yellow and orange pistils. Finally, a dusting of resinous trichomes gives Pure Kush’s flowers a silvery sheen and a very sticky texture. can you buy marijuana online?



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