Candyland Strain

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Feelings: Happy 62%, Uplifted 53%, Euphoric 50%, Relaxed 46%, Energetic 42%

Helps with: Stress 30%, Depression 28%, Anxiety 21%, Pain 19%, Fatigue 16%

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Candyland Marijuana Strain

Candyland, a product of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, is a Sativa-dominant strain that was a cross between the infamous Grand Daddy Purple strain (aka Grand Daddy Purps) and a Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain. Candyland was originally bred by Ken Estes who was part of the team that bred the original Grand Daddy Purple. When smoking this strain expect a very earthy flavor with hints of sweets and spices. Its effects lean towards it’s Sativa properties making it a mentally stimulating strain with little to no body effects when smoked in smaller doses. The strain is great for social functions or creative activities anything where your brain must be active and engaged. When consumed in larger quantities, and especially by novice users, the strain can impact anxiety and paranoia as is typical with strong Sativa strains. You may want to try a hit or two before committing to a full joint. buy recreational weed online

Candyland buds are small and dense with a slightly darker shade of green than your typical bright green Sativa strain. Its trichomes are plentiful when grown properly, looking as if the bud could have been dipped in sugar. The red hairs are a dull red but run longer than normal, almost making the buds look fuzzy from a distance. buy weed online usa


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7 reviews for Candyland Strain

  1. Kenny

    The high CBG content of Candyland has been shown to repair damaged cells and the fine muscle linings of your intestines, making this a stand-out strain for treatment of gastrointestinal issues such as IBS, IBD, cancer etc. It has incredible strong muscle-relaxant and anti-anxiety properties due to the high CBG to THC ratio. If you are looking looking for the calm often found with benzodiazepines, look no further, Candyland quiets the loudest of minds and truly forces a positive state of mind on you. Generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, and OCD will be obliterated with the helping hamd of Candyland. Say goodbye to dark thoughts and melancholy, for it will be a thing of the past, and in the past it shall remain. For Candyland is your new anti-depressant. The nerve pain relief you receive is akin to narcotics, due to high CBG:THC. Truly an all around strain. I can go on forever, but time is of an essence, Star Child. Happy Tokes, -432

  2. Monic

    The child of GDP and Platinum GSC…. Candyland… and this flower is GODLY potent, GODLY beautiful, smells out of this world delicious and stinky and my mouth is just watering over these nugs. Such a funk smell and ripe and loud! So much thc crystals covering the purple and bright green bud that is has a white shimmer to it. Smokes so perfectly in the bowl and the taste is out of this world. This is honestly the best grown, best tasting, best everything batch of herb I have had in months if not sense even before I got my card? Idk. But this plant was grown perfectly and cured perfectly. Everything about it is spot on. I love this flower! Absolutely love it! I want it in concentrates

  3. Denbrt

    Love at first hit no dry eyes or dry mouth if I had a boyfriend he would be in trouble because it makes me horny

  4. terence

    Excellent Sativa strain! As someone who has been diagnosed with a severe case of PTSD from combat, I always feel uplifted and more social. I also feel very energetic right after smoking/vaping this flower. While body pains melt away, no heavy feeling. Word of warning however. Know your limits. I went overboard and smoked way too much. Was left lying in the bed sweating and feeling moderately paranoid. Normally comes in prerolls, but they recently started selling flower in some shops in Vegas. One of my go-to strains

  5. Fiji

    Good times and good smoke. you wanna sit around and play games with people, you want this strain. honestly sat up for hours playing Tetris and cards with friends. sweet and calming, I’d suggest it before you go play Monopoly or maybe Candy land?

  6. judi

    Sweet and smooth and then you eat everything that isn’t nailed down.

  7. young

    I love it. It taste sweet and the smell is great. This would be amazing to start the day.

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