A-Train Strain

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Feelings: Happy 68%, Euphoric 46%, Relaxed 40%, Uplifted 38%, Hungry 31%

Helps with: Stress 32%, Depression 29%, Anxiety 29%, Pain 28%, Insomnia 17%


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A-Train Marijuana Strain

A-Train is a true hybrid produced by TH Seeds. It has dense green buds with a taste of menthol and a hint of citrus. It’s high is typical of a classic stoner high – euphoric and giggly. This strain also hits hard leaving you feeling famished but not too lazy to go for the food in your refrigerator. The couch-lock effect of this strain can be nearly overwhelming and cause some users to feel sleepy. It is a feel-good high that leaves one feeling happy even after the high fades. Some users report an increase in libido while using this strain. The downsides to A-Train are all fairly common – dry eyes and mouth with occasional bouts of paranoia and anxiety for some users. buy weed online

A-Train Weed Strain

A-Train itself is a perfect balance of sativa and indica (50:50 sativa/indica ratio) with THC content that can top 20%. CBD levels, on the other hand, are higher than average, high enough to recommend A-Train as a treatment for seizures and muscle spasms. In addition, this strain can be used to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, pain, and insomnia. It’s also a good appetite stimulant for patients who need to gain weight. The high is aroused and creative, with a boost of euphoria and a happy mood. Common side effects include dry mouth and paranoia, as well as bloodshot eyes and anxiety. The munchies are incredibly strong with this strain, making it ideal for patients with wasting disorders. A-Train smells like ammonia and has a sweet yet spicy herbal flavor. It can be found in Colorado, Washington State, Arizona, and California. It may circulate on the black market but should be easier to find on legal markets. Buy Real Weed Online



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4 reviews for A-Train Strain

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