Marijuana Strains to Increase Productivity and Focus

There’s a major misconception people keep spreading, and spreading false information is never good.


There’s this overhanging belief that smoking weed will suddenly turn people into lazy stoners who are always slacking off – – and eat mountainous piles of junk food.


Yeah, that’s way off.


In reality,  there are actually specific marijuana strains for energy, creativity, and (like in this article) productivity. These marijuana strains give cannabis users that little pick-me-up they need to finish that report or novel, complete the presentation at work, or simply make your day brighter and easier.

Is indica or sativa better for productivity?Indicas are going to make you tired, and they’re not great for focus or productivity. Sativas are generally higher in THC than indica strains, and they do a great job of keeping your energy, motivation, productivity, mood, and focus all elevated.

A recent survey by Blind showed 53% of 10,107 professionals reported their productivity levels have been impacted by an increase in loneliness, anxiety, and other changes in mental health since working from home.

For cannabis enthusiasts, there are two ways to handle this: vibe it away on a Friday night, or use cannabis to boost your productivity and sharpen your awareness.

Yes, we did just say cannabis can make you more productive.

More on that later. First, let’s review:

Cannabis strains are the variations cultivators around the world have made to the cannabis plant through crossbreeding. There are thousands of identified strains on the market today, but most of them fall under one of three categories – indica, sativa, and hybrid.

While there’s very little science backing up the idea that cannabis strains affect people in different ways, the belief among most cannabis users is that indica is best for producing the classic, eat-all-your-food-and-fall-down-in-bed high. There’s even a mnemonic device for remembering which strain-type produces maximum chill: “indica equals in da couch.”

Hybrids, on the other hand, are marketed as having a mixed effect – relaxing your body while uplifting your mood. Their effect may lean to one side or the other depending on which (if any) strain is dominant, which is why vendors label hybrids as either indica-dom, sativa-dom, or balanced.

That leaves sativa, which (you guessed it) is commonly associated with an overall sense of well-being, or “mind high.”

It’s also said to make you more energetic. That’s where the productivity part comes in.

A 67% upvoted Reddit post asking about the effects of sativa sparked over 20 comments by users claiming to have used sativa as a pump-up before workouts, a creative “buzz,” and a morning pick-me-up.

Sean McSweeney, a Seattle-based biomedical researcher, uses sativa for productivity on a regular basis. While he doesn’t mix his weed with work, he says sativa strains help him make the most of his days off.

“There’s never a day wasted with a good sativa,” McSweeney told GreenState. “Sativa strains give me the perfect, uplifting, energetic mood for my day off. They make chores more enjoyable, and once I’m through my chores for the day, I can relax with the creativity that’s unhinged from them, so I’ll typically write for a bit or practice my guitar.”

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